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The number of internet users is increasing rapidly worldwide and used by people of all ages and types. The Internet has become the primary medium for communication, entertainment and is in the process of replacing traditional entertainment, product promos, and informative media. Some businesses find that handing out a promotional products like pens, business cards, and mugs are too expensive and yield little results. Likewise, traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio newspapers, magazines, etc., becomes a thing of the past. 

Internet is also a major and effective media for advertising and has predicted that online advertising and marketing will soon be replace advertising through traditional media like television, radio newspapers, and magazines. I have taken advantage of about 10 ads online (not in that order) when compared to traditional offline advertising.

1) Coverage of the widerOnline advertising gives your ad more coverage of this area and the wider global coverage to help in making your ads reach the audience more, which in turn can assist you in getting better results with your online advertising campaigns.

2) Target Audience 
When compared to offline advertising, online advertising has always helped you to reach your targeted audience and this helps in making your campaigns more profitable and gain a more relevant direction.

3) AffordableAnother major advantage of online advertising or marketing is much affordable when compared to traditional advertising costs. With a much lower cost you can advertise on the internet for a wider range of audiences and geographical location.

4) Easy to Track and Measure ConversionsMeasurability and ease of conversion to track online advertising makes mile ahead on traditional advertising methods. Many effective analytical tools available to measure online advertising campaigns that help in improvisation more than advertising.

5) SpeedOnline advertising is much faster than offline advertising and you can start sending your ads to a wider audience, when you start your advertising campaign.

6) InformativeIn online advertising, advertisers can convey more details about the ad to the audience and that too with a relatively low cost. Most of the online advertising campaign consisted of a clickable link to a specific landing page, where users get more information about the products mentioned in the ad.

7) Flexible PaymentsPayment flexibility is another added benefit of online advertising and marketing. In offline advertising, you have to pay the full amount for the agency regardless of the outcome. But there is flexibility in the online advertising pay only qualified leads, clicks or impressions.

8) Better ROI Because online advertising is primarily focused on performance-based payments, your ROI would be much better when compared to offline advertising.

9) Easy Audience Involvement Online advertising makes it easy for audiences to engage with the ad or product. As an advertiser, we will be able to get more feedback from the audience and thus improve the quality of our future advertising.10) Better BrandingAny form of advertising helps in improving the branding and online advertising up a notch higher to improve branding, the company's service or product.

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