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Is it true? The other day I read one article that talks about Pornography Addiction Is a Brain Disease in one of the leading blog on the internet, in fact I am not so sure, and for this reason I try to quote the contents of the exposure of the article and present it here, with the intention of perhaps between siblings can provide input to just share their insights with the store's comments below this article.
And here I mean the contents of the article; pornography addiction may be more often seen as a moral weakness or a form of entertainment only. But an addiction experts claim as a chemical addiction, which is a brain disease.Addiction to pornography is the most difficult addiction to treat, because addiction is attacking 'heart' of humanity. This is because sexuality is a key driver of human interests."Pornography is the perfect poison," said Gordon S. Bruin MA, LPC, founder and president of InnerGold Counseling Services Inc.Bruin who for 18 years has been treating patients with chemical addictions such as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and including pornography, view pornography addiction as a brain disease like a chemical addiction.Addiction occurs when the brain is physically have mastered the mind. The mind is the intelligence of frustration due to loss of control. This is the part that generates a sense of right or wrong, because the physical brain has no concept of right or wrong.Addiction is a condition where the brain physically and chemically force someone to do a certain behavior without the involvement of the mind or conscience.But because of the strength of the brain limbic system (one system to the brain structure) and the capacity to overshadow the moral and rational parts of the brain, many people who claim that pornography is a normal behavior or as mere entertainment.Basically, the only difference between drug addiction, like heroin or cocaine to pornography is a way of entering the system. The brain responds to information received through the eye more quickly than from other sources.Visual information is processed in the limbic system within nanoseconds (ten power minus nine seconds). This is why addiction into a big problem.Visual information is processed more quickly than other sensory information, even though the response of heroin or cocaine is much slower.In addition to the visual, the hormone oxytocin also plays a role in addiction to pornography. Oxytocin can create a sense of unity and togetherness during sexual intercourse.However, when this hormone is released through sex without a partner such as ways to see sexual images pornography alias, recipient oksiton left feeling alone, depressed, and confused, although accompanied by the release of dopamine (the hormone that triggers the feeling of pleasure).Oxytocin is a chemical 'glue' that bonds are looking for something. Pornography is the power of oxytocin, which causes an empty feeling and confusion for all those who do. And this makes addiction as a brain disease.

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