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this time I will present the aphorisms of the latest, and of course excellent as well, hee .. that would be perfect for you to choose, Okay consider just directly below:
    Problem is the way God made you an adult, do not run from them, but let's face it. Only those who make you wise.

What is missing from you, just let it go. Do not complain. Believe God has provided the better.

If someone has convinced and fully surrender to the greatness of God, then God will guide his life.

He is grateful for the shortage is he who has the honor of the heart.

Only by changing attitudes and interpretations are, who you can turn the worst into the best.

If he was my best for you, it will not hurt you. No need to mourn those who have hurt you, let him go.

Trkdg seseorg within hrs hurt enough to make you realize how beautiful life without him in it.

Whatever will be easier to be delivered, if accompanied with a smile, rather than harsh words.

In life, no one who is able for you to smile for no reason, except he always who you think.

Whether you think your life good or bad, it would really happen, because your mind will take you there.

Tuk difficult thing to force yourself to forget who ever makes you happy, just because it has expired.

Which is less commendable attitude, when we laughed while our friend there who was sad.

As has been held out of the grip, that's when you'll feel very lost. To that end, watch who you have!

Everyone can be happy anytime, anywhere. Because happiness is simplicity of heart, do not depend on anything.

Love is not selfish, not too pushy. When the happiness of those you love is more important than your happiness. LOVE it.

SORRY can not erase the wounds which had someone you torehkan hearts. But prove ketulusanmu.

All we hear is opinion, not fact. And what we see is only our perspective, not the truth.

For any given space on our Lord, will feel cramped if without a struggle and prayer.

When you talk about love, make sure that your actions are in accordance with your words.

FEAR DISAPPOINTED feelings will only make us afraid to face the future.

Get to know yourself more deeply to know where their advantages and shortcomings.

Nothing is impossible as long as there is a willingness to try. Convince yourself and try my best. CONFIDENCE.

Be careful in choosing what they want. After that, working with determination and sincerity to get it.

Care paris scarf made from plain should not wash it with washing machine because of the thin fibers could paris materials are easily damaged.

Respect for others, whoever it is, and never will against anyone. Fill your day with every kindness.

Grieving and gripe about what we do not have is the same as a waste of what we already have.

If life is a game, play. If life is a dream, realize. Make every precious moment in our lives.

When we avoid the problem, he will be with us much longer. Face it, and it will make you wiser.

Conduct is not as easy to speak, but if we want to try, to be as easy as talking.

Life is indeed a lot of choices, but you do not have to choose what looks best. Choose which makes you happy.

Believe me, that good things happen every day even when bad things happen. Always be grateful!

Sometimes, tired of too disappointed is a price to pay to buy happiness.

Prnh Do not just pretend to look perfect. Perfection of the real and true prnh morbidly morbidly prnh perfect.

Love is giving, such as saying "I love what it is," without requiring "Love me as I am."

Just because they feel self-limited, does not mean should not hesitate when they wanted to choose a fine day. Remember, kindness is never wrong.

Do not be shy to ask for forgiveness. Seldom hesitate to give forgiveness. SORRY can bring two hearts who never separated.

What we think may be a fact to. Never think of failure when you do something. JUST DO IT!

Never try to be someone else. Every person is different and unique you your way. Be proud of yourself.

Whatever you do tuk yourself or another person will not be worth it, if you forget the love and attention tuk family.

Sometimes we are too busy crying about who closed the door, until he realized that not all the doors were locked.

Love makes life more colorful, make a lot of meaning in a word, and make laughter when his grief.

Use your strength to overcome his own weaknesses, not to oppress others who are weaker.

Love always came in with injuries. So, if you do not want to hurt, you'll never find love.

We never hurt because of love. Wounds teach us to be more sincere and brave who have gone tuk Relax.

Do not ever feel alone. Whatever happens, remember that you have a friend who's always been faithful to accompany.

You will know how to live this life if you have to believe in yourself.

When we open our eyes this morning, look out at the world and thank God that we are given.

Do not despair if you encounter difficulties, because every drop of rain water which comes clearer than the clouds which darkened.

If God answers your prayer, He's increasing your faith. If God answered later, he tried to drive your life.

Do not easily believe that someone like you, just because he's smiling at you (^ _ ^,)

Do not ever ask a person's opinion about you, if you're not ready to hear honesty from him.

In life, there is always a special person who no matter what he's done to you, you still can not let go.

No one is able to measure how deeply in love mother to her child.

Seorg ignorant man bgmn seorg manner that respects the woman would have no notion how to honor her mother bgmn.

In love, do not blame him who left you, if you've never even tried to ask him to stay tuk.

If someone wants to leave you, let him go. Do not force him tuk lived, when his heart was no longer with you.

Sometimes, you too love someone who even the fact that he has hurt you can not change your feelings.

Sometimes God does not give what you want, not because you do not deserve get it, tp because you deserve a better.

The best thing about friends is that they stay with you even if you do any of them who had been warned before.

Do not ever think you're nobody in this world, because the person you are everything.

Forget those who hurt you yesterday, but let's not forget those who love you today.

On average, women spend 400 hours each year for shopping activities.

Babies born with a limited ability to see, but the fact is, babies are able to recognize his mother as well.

Do not give up on love because there is always someone who loves you. Even if it's not what you expect.

Sometimes the harder your efforts to convince yourself that you do not love someone, the more you liked him.

The most beautiful thing about love is you feel he is capable of anything, and you'll smile for no reason therefore.

In life, there are some people who when they go to leave you, your life will be much better.

Sometimes it's better with him who you love, even if there are injuries, rather than with someone who give you a laugh, but no flavor.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to forget someone, you will remember every word that he had to say.

Say YES if yes, and NO if it does not. Do not ever let your loved ones awaiting without certainty.

Never force a desire, because other people have different desires may desire.

Honesty can be very painful indeed. But it's better than happy for a lie.

Sometimes, other people do not always know what you want. Do not just want to understand if you never give understanding.

SORRY is a simple word can change everything in the atmosphere. But, be a giver of forgiveness, instead of requesting forgiveness.

How bad has ever done anything wrong, it does not mean someone can not be changed. Every human being must do no wrong.

Do not appreciate and respect other people will only make yourself appear to be low, even life before God.

Many obstacles in life but God will provide what you need sometimes even more than do you want to.

Life is not always fair, but today is a gift from God. Do not let problems make you forget to be grateful.

Miracle will come if you believe. Failure is temporary. Believe me, the Lord will make everything beautiful in its time.

Tekadang, denial is a form of protection of God to us for better things in the future.

Do not dress according to trends, dress according to your age.

Bath using a shower beautify the face. Because by using the water we can get more negative ions which byk beneficial to the skin.

In love, there is a problem which will be more quickly resolved if the two-heart talk with each other, rather than share it with others.

Do not expect other people will respect you, if you can not respect yourself.

'Man' makes his girlfriend jealous pd beautiful girls. 'Men' makes the beautiful girl pd jealous lover.

When you feel good about yourself, what others have to say will not affect you. This LIFE!

When you love someone more than in love with yourself, you have given it the power to control your life tuk.

When you are honest, he will be part of your past. If you lie, it will be a part of which continue to haunt your future.

Do not change yourself, just because other people think about you. Do not let them be happy, but you yourself suffer.

When you realize that happiness within yourself, you will not let bahagiamu determined by others.

Lie was able to delay a truth, but sooner or later must be uncovered as well. Be Honest-personal.

Guys, if she asked you, the better to answer honestly, because chances are she already knows the truth.

Guys, respect wanitamu when you still have time, because it would hurt to see the other man appreciated more than you.

A strand of hair on the head we have grown from 2 to 6 years before it was replaced by new hair.

Apparently, the rain has the ability to hypnotize humans to the resonance of the past memories.

Do not give your heart to someone before you are sure that he knows how to treat him well tuk.

Several people approached life as a gift, while others as a lesson for you today.

Instead of saying what CAN and what you WILL do, you better prove it. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Love is not just a problem to have, but give help and support. Dare to tell the truth if there is a wrong decision.

Do not judge someone from the outside. Bad own eyes is not necessarily bad in the eyes of others. Know before judging.

Be careful to choose a friend, sometimes who you think is temanlah who can knock enemies over what to do.

The first thing which you have to do is to enjoy life, stop complaining and start to accept it.

Every human being born a winner, but who makes himself a loser just because of his fear.

Although painful, do not shy away from a problem, because you will be more suffering. Facing, finish, and keep moving.

There is a solution to every problem. Life is too short if only to complain. Attempted, confident and pray.

Lord, give bless me with health and safety, and I want to stay in lindunganMu.

There will be no cuts, no one will be disappointed, if your heart is willing to receive all the judgment.

Be thankful for what you have today, because there are many people around you are not as fortunate as you.

Companions are those who never judge you. Those who know the story of your life, because they helped write it.

Something mean, would not easily approached. If you really want it, give it my best to reply you.

Do not think about what had happened, because you are creating tomorrow by what you did today. Give my best!

When you genuinely love, you will struggle to retain what you have. Do not let others influence.

Falling in love does not mean ready for a loving relationship. Because love is on the suitability of relationships is about readiness.

Life is not always like what you want, but that does not mean you can not enjoy it.

Do not waste your time he tuk for you who continue to hurt, when there is someone out there waiting for you tuk happy.

Real men do not spend time looking tuk another woman, because she was too busy looking for new ways to love women.

Do not blame love when distance makes you lose it. If you have a sincere love who they are, love can last forever.

In love, it's better to be hated for yourself, than loved for purang pretend to be someone else.

Stop crying about who he is gone, because it just means you are one step closer to nail him.

love is strange, he was able to make a person who is weak be strong, and the strongest become weak.

Sometimes a person chooses their own tuk, because he knows what it feels like to give everything but turn out to lose her.

Sometimes a person can not accept reality, because he did not want what he's dreamed of all this is a lie.

You will understand the meaning of friendship, when you begin to long for moments of togetherness.

In love, do not let your ears hear what your eyes can not see. Do not let your mouth do not say what your heart feels.

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing that when you do not deserve honesty, and he will not be trusted anymore.

Do not wait for someone tuk to be friendly, show him how.

Tuk need courage to do all things, whatever it is, you still need a friend who dares to say 'you're wrong'

Do not limit yourself in the work, the harder you work the higher pencapaianmu.

A study showed that men live five years longer if kissing his wife before leaving for work.

Do not let your happiness depend on other people. Happiness depends on yourself.

Good treatment dr who want you to receive another org, treat it first pd them :)

Whatever happened in the past have shaped you today, and today only you who can determine your future.

Do not lament the failure because we live to fight. Smile and move on.

Decisiveness to make more young adults and the elderly more wisely. And sincerity made all the better.

Start your day with a clear mind, clear heart and a noble action.

Use what we have to honor someone else, so therefore we are glorified.

There is no perfection, only satisfaction with what life has to offer.

Someone came up to life for a reason, and if he goes, it's for a reason which is better.

80% of bodily disease dr soul roots, if you are sincere, full of gratitude, and forgiveness, you have saved your body

Do not regret what has happened, because you can not change it anymore. Better to learn tuk improve yourself.

Forgiveness makes you possibly the look weak. Tp the most weak adl org who hold a grudge, anger, hatred.

People who are really hurting people who are less happy, he will not be so when he was quite happy.

Pd FAITHFUL HEART LOVE it, no matter how great LOGIC. But you should know when to use logic tuk so do not keep your heart HURT.

You're not going to underestimate wound someone if you know what it's like to survive, even though sometimes you are good at hiding.

Possibly the Kdg difficult to forgive. Tp will be difficult if you keep the wound for which bhkn org utkmu morbidly injured.

Strength is when you realize that you are never alone, God is always with you.

Guys, women are not braille, no need to touch it to know and understand him .. :)

Ladies, if you know what it feels like a weak person, you know crying will not solve the problem. BE STRONG!

No matter how big your problem is, how much rintanganmu, God's always win you.

Life has many choices dng good things and bad masing2. Specify your choice, do my best.

Who's the worst thing you can do to love is deny it. That's why your life uneasy. If love, express it.

Do not ignore him who care about you, just because you hope pd he who does not care about you. Someday you will regret it.

Always shine ourselves with our love of family and no matter what we do.

One thing you must remember in friendship, never forget them when you have found love!

A canary is not singing will never get a pair.

Life is not easy, but it does not mean you live without hope. Your life will be more interesting, if you are happy.

Be cause, not effect. You determine the fate, not determine your fate.

Of the hopes of others, take pride in yourself. You never knew that someone saw you and hope to be you.

Humans are no different in give promise, that is different is how he's getting it.

Do not grieve for the mistake. Because mistakes make you learn how to be righteous.

Sometimes love brings misery. But if it's love, there would be no revenge was a desire for revenge.

Ladies, if you want to look beautiful, start by correcting the behavior. Due to the fact that not only look at your physical man alone.

Do not just focus on the past. Remember, you live in the present and future have to be prepared.

Do not let your feelings control you. It is you who should control your feelings.

If we berkesungguhan to find, in fact the grace and blessing of God is overwhelming.

Sodium absorption ratio so that you may be disappointed, with the intention of starting any business and the full confidence that you are doing is for God.

Success is a collection of decisions, choices and actions are neatly organized.

Do your best today, do not just remain silent. The future is bright not to wait, but to achieve.

Grateful for anything you eat this morning. Due to the thanksgiving, the food will taste better. Welcome eat meal.

Beautiful things, God will give to His servant who has a sense of gratitude in every thing he did.

Jd stop pretending the other person, because you want to be loved. Just be yourself, and someone will love what it is.

Do not just pray when you feel hurt. Although God is always with you, you also have to be grateful when filling your day happy.

Would not be happy if you find you find yourself tuk. Tp found you will be happy if you share with the others.

Have faith and believe: "Every thing is forbidden by the Lord would have impacts that are not good for us!"

Apologizing is not contemptible, it is only noble people like you who are up to it.

"Single" BKN a weakness. That adl bhw evidence is too strong for you just being played by a sense of loneliness.

When you feel life is unfair, remember there are still many people who lives far worse than you.

Something happy when he realized who you love can be shared with the other, but he chose tuk with you.

Guys, just because a woman has to be yours, does not mean you stop showing how important he is to you.

This life which you live, who you are hard and have fun. Do not let others decide what's best for you.

Never say goodbye if you still want to try. Do not ever say do not love if you can not give that up.

Do not complain about your day. Each of your day may not be good, but believe there is a good thing in each of your day.

Learn not the envy admiring tuk, tuk praise instead of wooing, to appreciate rather than imitate, and your life will be more meaningful.

In life, sometimes a friend can be a "foreigner" If you really care about him, do not let it happen!

BELIEVE is important in friendship. Do not ruin it, because it takes a long time tuk get it back.

God does not always give what you want, but God gives what you need tuk become a better individual.

Do not ever hesitate to do something right, even though no one who appreciates how difficult it is.

Be true to yourself, always put your heart in doing everything that you have a peaceful life.

Smile when you meet people who have love, because it makes us better understand the meaning of love.

The most painful thing in a relationship is someone who can not forget you never forget.

Do not see the world only with thine eyes, but use also your heart that you may better understand life.

Do not be afraid of what will happen to you. Do not depend on others. Be and ADULT SELF-personal.

Start the morning with a prayer and hope, that God is always with every step we are today.

SORRY is very difficult to pronounce, but he was the most beautiful form of friendship, because PEACEFUL and HAPPY which you receive in return.

Do not waste your time by doing things which are not necessary. Focus on the things which make you grow to be better.

Do not give up the thing you think is right even if it appears impossible. As long as there's a will, God's given path.

True love does not come just like that. Many processes that must be passed along, suffering, crying, and laughing together.

The greatest happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved by the people we love.

May not realize km, tp the small PLG reply miles can do a huge impact for another org.

Do not compare yourself with others. Jealousy only makes restless soul. Be yourself.

Ssorg miss BKN means need it back within your life. "Longing" adl process of "progress". Go ahead!

Of good things, I learned to give thanks. Of bad things, I learned to be strong.

Do not ever think you're not good enough, because for someone, you are the best.

In love, if you seek it, he will avoid you, tp if you become the person who deserves be loved, he will surround you.

In life, prepare yourself well, and rather than wait for the opportunity comes, you better create it.

Time passed, learn from the past, be prepared tuk future, give my best for today.

Do not depend on other people too, even sahabatpun will not be there for you. Be SELF-personal.

Friend is someone who always makes your heart happy. Friend always makes life much more enjoyable.

When you feel your opinion was heard, know that you are learning about how to APPRECIATE.

Be true to yourself, always follow what your heart so that you do not have to hide anything in this life.

Remains to be yourself within the world who never stop trying tuk you change yourself is the greatest accomplishment.

Crocodiles can not stick out its tongue.

Chickens will shed their coats when she feels stressed.

Do not ever jealous of what others have. Everyone has his own problems. Be thankful for this life.

Speak with your heart, because what comes from the heart to get to the heart.

The problem is not going to be tricky if you could respond with patience and longsuffering.

Rise of grief, because grief is a process that must be traversed to get to happiness .. Believe it!

Smile at the start the day, because it indicates that you are ready to face the day with gusto!

With passion, you certainly can. Be excited by the liver, so that you keep the spirit of the road of truth.

Every act of a happy fellow is an attitude that reflects the noble.

It would be wonderful if every minute that we spend to be meaningful. Means for other people yourself.

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